I was looking for a unit for our den that would be able to house my files and also have a drawer that could lock so that I could keep important docuemnts such as passport, bank account books, etc. locked away. Mobler has some nice modern looking furniture. A lot is pretty expensive, but this item was in the clearance type section of their store near the back (these items are usually more reasonably priced). I purchased the unit from them and it fit perfectly in the den and was even able to put a printer on top of it to save space in the den.

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I was looking for an ottoman for my place and ended up finding some home accents at a reasonable price, to decorate my place. They have some unique pieces. One thing I have learnt is that if you like an accent piece or accessory there, buy it then and there because you might not see it the next time you go back as their home accents is constantly changing.

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