I live near a park and one day, a baseball came flying through my window, breaking the glass because of some local neighborhood kids playing. I called up Fairway Glass to come inspect the damages and they responded fairly quickly.They provided great service at a reasonable price and did their work with top-notch results and within one day, my window was looking good as new! I highly recommend this company if ever you find yourself with a broken window, because they get the job done right.

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Recently, my daughter accidentally dropped her toothbrush in the toilet as she flushed which caused it to clog it all up and caused water to just barely come spilling out of the toilet after subsequent flushes. I called up Schubert Plumbing & Heating Ltd and told them my problem. They responded almost instantly and arrived within a few hours. Then, they took care of my problem with ease with my toilet flushing as good as new as a result. I was very satisfied with their work and they provided excellent customer service that I wouldn't hesitate to request again. Overall, they get the job done quick and are very knowledgeable about what they do!

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