I've been with Lawn man for several years and they were able to maintain my lawn and keep it the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. They were extremely polite at their service and their price was very reasonable. So far there were no complaints what so ever, they were very courteous and gentle with neighboring lawns. Will be looking forward to hiring them again after the Winter Season.

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I contacted HY-GRADE to install a roof over my previous due to the aged roof. HY-Grade, for the most part, did a very good job. Recently, however, there was leakage in the roof. But a call to HY-Grade solved the problem almost instantly. Within one day of the call, the problem was immediate solved. I was not 100%, however, there should not be leakage in the first place, and HY-GRADE did not offer to repair the tiles that got wet.

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Company Response

So sorry Bob. We've searched our records high and low and can't find you based on your HomeStar name and city. I'd really like to respond specifically to your situation so please contact me so I can locate your file.