I used this service twice. At first, Paul produced an excellent impression. He is very friendly, responsive, arrives on time. But after his second visit, the chimney remained clogged. Probably, he did not clean it well enough. After the single try, I called him again, and he arrived fast. This visit turned out to be very erratic. First, he opened the stove wide and burned a fire, which produced tons of smoke in my living room despite my weak objections. Then I was distracted for a while, and when I returned to the smoky room, I saw him literally running away from my house! He told me that I must find someone else because he could not spend more time with my stove. He even did not want to discuss any options. Probably, I would pay him something for additional labour. Not saying that I had already paid him for the previous visit, which ended with nothing. This was very weird. He is a really strange guy. He can be nice while everything goes well, but can be easily aggravated even not with people but with a chimney! I would not recommend him to anyone.

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The job was burdened by an incredible amount of concrete, which was dug in the ground by the previous house owner. Removing that concrete was an extremely tiresome task, which took almost two weeks, but the team never complained and removed the excess concrete with astonishing precision with no damage to other elements. The rest of the job was also made with amazing quality so that everybody, including professionals, who see these finished driveway and pathway, immediately start asking us "where did you find these guys?" On top of that, this company priced us quite moderately, and overall we are very pleased with our cooperation. After that, we made two more jobs with the same company, and I just want to use this opportunity to thank them again.

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Company Response

Dear Andy,
It was a pleasure working with you the first time, and the following times during other projects.
We always enjoy your friendly demeanour, sincerity, and politeness.
It will be our delight to work with you on future projects!