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Stainless steel rod system was used to hang bathroom mirrors in front of concrete columns. Sharon from Dalco Concept reviewed concept drawings and recommended particular Spaceline system to be used. Service was friendly and delivery was prompt.

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Stainless steel handrail designed by an architect for an 1800 sq.ft. downtown loft renovation. The architect reviewed the drawings with the fabricator to cover all questions about the design. The handrail was promised in 4 weeks, but ended up taking 3 months. The initial handrail was incorrectly fabricated and had to be redone without extra cost, hence the quality of reworking the original handrail left previous weld stains and burns. The final handrail was still incorrect according to the drawings, but was compromised to accept the deviation. Overall the homeowner was satisfied.

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UCSH reviewed, recommended and supplied all hardwares for doors, cabinetry and bathroom fixtures for a downtown 1800 sq.ft. loft renovation. They meet with architect and owner to provide samples of recommended products for viewing. Mike, Alden and Trevor were exceptionally knowledgable and helpful in making the renovation a success.

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Bathroom vanity in solid cherry and solid birch oversized doors were designed and specified by an architect. Although the finish product was available for delivery in a timely manner of 3 weeks, the bathroom vanity was incorrect in size (too large in width according to drawings). As a correction at no extra cost, the vanity re-cut and glued hence the finish is now darker and you cannot even see the subtle grains anymore. After a week, the vanity is cracking at the joint where it was cut. The oversized birch doors where returned to correct damages to corners. Delivery and installers dented surrounding drywall, explaining door 10'x5' was too heavy and large to control. Repair and repaint done by owner.

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