I called this company to come and diagnose my refrigerator. I was told that the cost for the diagnosis visit is $ 65. The technician came and without looking at the refrigerator, he said that this is a thermostat problem and it need to be replaced. The cost for labor and replacement thermostat is $350. When I asked whether he is 100% sure that it is a thermostat problem, he said no and it could be something else but I have to change the thermostat and pay $350. He also said the cost of the thermostat is $200. I looked the thermostat up on the internet and found it much cheaper. The technician charged me $65 for doing nothing and told me that if I buy the thermostat myself, they will come and replace for me for an extra $85 (Total $150 for labor). I was able to buy a brand new original thermostat for 65$ from Amazon vs. $200 from them. I call them to book the appointment to replace the thermostat and told them that I bought the thermostat myself. They gave an appointment on Monday (December 24th Morning). They never showed up or called back since then.

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