Manjur Ahmad from Reliable Home Inspection & Thermal Imaging Inc provided 30 days warranty inspection for my home. The issues that exist in a new home are not always what we think it is. The root cause often lies in places which we cannot see nor have access to. I liked the service of Manjur because he has the tools to view and access the right area. For example, using the thermal imaging tools, issues such as lack of insulation, uneven room temperature, and hot/cold water supply were easily identified or verified. With his experience, he provided recommendation or possible solution which was very useful to communicate with the builder. His report was detailed and each reported issue had one or more photos attached and referenced from the report. I found it useful for tracking. He methodically went over each area of the house. After the initial inspection, he took his time to document the issues right away to capture them accurately. The service provided by Reliable Home Inspection & Thermal Imaging Inc was very useful for me to understand the build of the new house and address issues that were identified.

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Thanks Jafar for an excellent feedback