We can't believe what a stupid thing we did ~ we bought a used sofa bed ~ and yes it turned out to have bed bugs. But we feel very lucky to have found Muhammad who responded to our call almost immediately, came and inspected, and gave us great, no-nonsense advice. We spotted a bug on Friday (14th Dec); realized late on Saturday that it was probably a bed bug; went to Homestars and found Pest Solution Services; left a message for Muhammad very late on Saturday night and he returned our call almost immediately, and managed to fit in an inspection for us on Sunday afternoon. He definitely deserves all the great reviews. Muhammad is kind and caring but more importantly, he knows about bugs. He showed us all the signs to look for, and pointed out that the sofa that was infested in bed bug eggs, dead bugs, and stains from their poop. Luckily, he didn't find any live bed bugs. Muhammad also has a great, no-nonsense approach in his recommendations for solutions. We had already put the sofa out for garbage collection (and he suggested we slash the fabric, so that nobody else would be tempted to re-use it!). So as he didn't find any live bugs, he recommended a set of precautions, rather than any more drastic action, and he had everything we needed with him - some bug proof covers for our mattresses and box springs, and some traps to catch any stray bugs, just in case. We've had no bugs in the traps in the two days since he came, so it's looking like we had a lucky escape. And in the process of looking for bed bugs, Muhammad also found that we had a problem with carpet beetles, in a few spots behind furniture, where the vacuum cleaner hadn't reached, so he walked us through what to do to fix that problem too. Turns out carpet beetles can be pretty nasty too, as people can have allergic reactions to the hairs on on the larvae. So all in all, Muhammad was exactly what we needed to steer us through a very anxious time, taking time to educate us, and give us appropriate strategies for dealing with the problem. We recommend him very highly!

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Company Response

Thank you for the wonderful review, Sarah,

We are glad we could help you with appropriate and efficient solutions for this problem. We also recommend that second hand furniture is checked thoroughly and certain protocol is followed. Our experience helped us advise and direct you to the most suitable approach, instead of any drastic and unnecessary action, as you have mentioned. We are happy to know you find our advice, precautions, and education valuable. Education is a priority for us and its always great to see clients, like you, mention what they have learned from us! We are happy to see you appreciate all of this, including the correct steps, strategies, and solutions. Thank you for the recommendation!

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