Stay away from Mattamy Homes at all costs. There cannot be a worse builder, because I'm not sure how anyone could do worse than what our new home was. We had so many delays. Lawyers gave us just one week notice that we'd be taking possession after all these delays. So we had to get our mortgage at the last minute to close. Then we saw our house - our PDI was the same day we got our keys, not a month before as is the industry standard. The house was so bad. Literally everything was damaged, wrong, missing, crooked, sloppy. I could not look at one spot in the house that looked good, or even decent. My wife started crying after 5 mins. I wanted to punch someone at Mattamy. I didn't I'm a man of integrity unlike the management at Mattamy. We had many water leaks in the house, and we discovered black mould growing under the carpets. Also, our furnace wasn't working for a whole 2 weeks - we had to get by with our oven on and our small electric fireplace - which was also installed crooked and sloppy. Our front door was crooked and leaking cold air. I don't even know where to begin and where to end. It basically felt like they built our house in 2 days, really rushed, without any inspections. It's been very stressful, depressing, and angering dealing with Mattamy. Their warranty team is slow, unresponsive, and they don't actually fix the root of the problem. For example, our water leaks - they just replaced the interior drywall and insulation that got soaked. But they didn't stop the leak. So they came back 3 times!!! Why not stop the source of the leak first, before repairing the drywall? It's not just painful for me and my family, but the company is wasting their money on unnecessary repairs! The absolute worst company and worst experience of my life. A home is a big, lifelong investment. Don't throw it all away with Mattamy.

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