I required a drainage system and waterproofing for an addition with exposed footings, that was at risk with winter approaching. John was fully booked and not able to work on my project. Regardless, he made time in November to visit my home and give me recommendations for a complicated job that he was able to simplify, breakdown and explain to me in explicit terms. His expertise was invaluable to me during a critical time.  He also took time to advise me in regards to the quoting and selection process for city sewer subsidy and give me an objective opinion of fair cost estimates for the completion of my project.  I called John for advise once again in December when the plumber that I had hired failed to live up to his promises. John brought his team to my house and they fixed my problem in less than a day, for half of the cost that I expected to pay. You are very lucky if this man has time to work on your project. He is an extremely knowledgeable and capable tradesman with loads of integrity.

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