Originally had 1 plumbing person in as I had no hot water pressure. He said he fixed it, to the tune of $230. Couple of days pressure at all...again. This time I looked up Speedy Plumbing and after just a quick chat on the phone with the lady (Matt's Mom) and finding out it was a family business, I was All in. Matt showed up and definitely had work cut out for him. I live in a mobile home and the darn tank was almost unreachable. Thank God I was not paying by the hour!!! I enjoyed his banter and explaining everything he was doing. He gave me his own mobile text number if something went wrong. Ironically, a few days later my old original copper piping sprung a leak. Matt replied to my urgent text right away! It was awesome. Very stressful time, and I am happy now and would refer these guys to anyone!!

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