DON’T HIRE THIS COMPANY BECAUSE OF THE FOLLOWING: 1. Their A+ rating and BBB accreditation was revoked. 2. The City of Mississauga charged and convicted K&B for not being licensed in Mississauga to perform home renovations and they were fined $10,000. 3. According to a third party engineer, Kitchen & Bath Inc.’s poor workmanship led to a severe flood in my home when installing my fridge.This flood caused $65,248.00 of damage. My Insurance company sent out three letters to Kitchen and bath requesting that they provide the name of their insurance company, and all three letters have been ignored. The outstanding balance was to be paid by the end of May 2019. CONSUMER BEWARE I hired Kitchen and Bath Inc. to renovate my kitchen, Laundry and Powder room. They started work on Tuesday August 7, 2018, and what transpired during the next 10 weeks was a comedy of errors! I went to the Kitchen & Bath location in Oakville but they sent a worker from this location to work on my renovation. When you are charged $76,000 for a renovation one would expect top quality workmanship, but this is not the case with Kitchen & Bath Inc. “Shoddy job” best describes the quality of their workmanship, as can be seen in the attached pictures. The worst experience by far occurred when a plumber connected the fridge to the waterline on October 17, 2018, and when I woke up on the morning of October 18, 2018 there was a flood, as the waterline had ruptured, and the water damage was severe. My insurance company hired an independent third party to determine the cause of the flood. The independent third party concluded that the flood was a result of improper installation and the incorrect waterline housing being used. We hired another contractor to finish the incomplete work and to repair and rectify the negligent and deficient work, which was estimated at $13,000 plus HST., plus parts and labor. I met with the Kitchen & Bath Inc. on November 7, 2018 at my house to notify them that we were terminating the contract because of the flood. Kitchen & Bath Inc. wanted a final payment of $7646.60 for a job that wasn’t completed. I informed the Kitchen & Bath Inc. that I will need to pay another contractor to finish the work and that we should just part ways. However, this wasn’t good enough for the Kitchen & Bath. I received an e-mail from Kitchen & Bath stating that there was an outstanding balance of $7,646.60 which was past due and needed to be paid immediately. K&B also mentioned that a Lien for the outstanding balance amount was submitted against our property to secure the funds. Likewise, the e-mail mentioned that this matter could be resolved without the added heavy legal costs. I met with a lawyer who did a search on our property and found out that no lien had been registered. Also, I filed a complaint with BBB in which after I mentioned that K& B was being charged for not being licensed to perform home renovations in the City of Mississauga, there was no response from K&B the BBB ended up revoking Kitchen & Bath Inc. Accreditation. Furthermore, I filed a complaint at the City of Mississauga’s website. A Municipal Law Enforcement Officer investigated the issue and found that K&B weren’t licensed to perform home renovations in the City of Mississauga. A Municipal Law Enforcement Officer spoke with the City Prosecutor and was directed to lay a charge against Kitchen & Bath Inc. and that either me or my wife would be required to be a witness for the court. The first court appearance for K&B was set for March 28, 2019 to which K&B were a no show. The Municipal Law Enforcement Officer informed me on Tuesday April the 2nd stating that I would need to be present on Thursday May 30, 2019 at 1:30 pm to testify. I testified on that date, and again K&B were a no show. The judge listened to my testimony and the testimony of the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer and decided at 2:50 PM to fine K&B for not being Licensed to perform home renovations in the City of Mississauga in the amount of $10,000.00 This company deserves a ZERO out of FIVE Star review.

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