I had three enlarged prints that I needed framed for a display in my home. I really wanted to save money but still wanted a superior job done. A friend recommended Framed Life as a good business for having photos framed, and they were right. The store clerk was really well versed in all their stock and spent a great deal of time showing me different options. She helped me pick out a suitable matting and beautiful frames. They did a great job framing the photos and it was also done in quite a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend them.

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I was trying to keep the heating costs down in my drafty Victorian home and so was looking for some doors to put up in 5 different doorways in my home. I really didn't want to pay too much and I also wanted to find some older doors to keep the style of the rest of the home consistent. I went to the re-store and was amazed at what I found. They were actually having a sale on doors, and I was able to buy 5 doors for a super low price. Each door was listed at around $80 and they were actually reduced to about $5 each! What a find! The salespeople were really helpful and courteous and I will definitely return to the Re-Store for future projects!

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