BEWARE! Fully Completely Inc website claims are misleading! The website indicates that due to their years of experience, expertise and methods, they are the best company to ensure you are 100% satisfied. This was most definitely not our experience. We took our rug to them to be cleaned and after a few days, we were called and told the rug was ready for pickup. Upon arrival, we were then informed that the rug had an offensive odor and would need to be cleaned again. After additional attempts to clean the carpet, we were told that they had done everything they could but were unable to remove the offensive odor. They informed us that we owed them the cost to clean the carpet. When we asked why we should pay for a service which ruined our carpet, they immediately responded with, “THAT’S FINE! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PAY WE WILL SUE YOU AND YOU WILL LOSE!”. They further added that nothing in their process or technique would have caused this odor and if we wanted to complain, it should be directed at the carpet manufacturer. While I do not doubt that they attempted to clean the carpet, there are a couple of things which left me 100% unsatisfied: 1. Their website: a. states, “At Fully Completely Inc. service comes first! We make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the work we do for you.”, and b. regarding area rugs, they boast of their superior expertise, knowledge and confidence to clean area rugs Nowhere on their site, do I see any disclaimers regarding the possible perils of cleaning area rugs. 2. The speed at which they threatened to sue us is clear evidence that my situation is NOT an isolated case. Obviously, all their staff is well versed on how to threaten customers which they are unable to satisfy! 3. Since it is virtually impossible to prove if the root cause of this odor is either the cleaning process or the manufacturer, the customer basically has no legal recourse! I hope you find this review helpful from a 100% unsatisfied customer.

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