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They have extremely poor service. While booking they promise moon but once they get their money they make you run for everything. They tell you a delivery date and nobody calls to inform the time slot of delivery. You keep calling them and their standard answer is they will check with transport co and get back, which they NEVER. My stuff was delivered in batches though the money was taken upfront 6 weeks ago. Can you imagine they have a voice mail which is not set up? You can’t leave a message and if they pick they have no info. Store owner Varun will never come on phone as he is extremely busy. While booking they will suggest you to add other items and inform that it can be canceled with in a week without a penalty. I cancelled the next day but for my refund I had to wait until delivery. Further Varun refused to pay back full amount saying the price given was a bundle discount which he cannot refund. So be aware. Don’t get into buying if in doubt. Fabric protection plan which I bought was provided after 2 weeks after regular follow ups.

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