We met Danny through our designers and had previously heard very good things about True Contractors . We had multiple contractors quote on our renovation (which was extensive) and although Danny came in with a competitive offer (the specific terms of which we cooperatively worked on), what made us go with True Contractors was our comfort level and trust in Danny and his team. Timing was very tight as we expected our first child within 3 months of commencing the renovation. We needed almost everything to be done by the time our daughter was born and Danny promised that he would meet our deadline and did everything in his capacity to do so, which was greatly appreciated. The great work that Danny and his team did cannot be understated. They worked very hard and were a pleasure to deal with (particularly Danny's employees and Dimos). As with all jobs, there were some bumps along the way, but to Danny's credit, he kept his promise that he wouldn't stop until "everything was perfect". Not only was Danny helpful in overseeing and managing his own subcontractors, but was a great help when it came to managing and problem solving with contractors that were not his own (which was not part of our deal). He took ownership of everything (including our sanity)... even though it was not his responsibility to do so. This being our first house and renovation, some handholding was exactly what we needed. I would highly recommend contacting Danny and True Contractors for your next job. p.s. Danny, if you are reading this, we need your help with the family room. I'll be in touch.

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