I got my laminate kitchen countertop replaced with quartz. I was very impressed by the service that I received from Marshall and the team at Concord Marble and Granite. He was very helpful and replied promptly to all of my questions and concerns, making sure that I was happy with the work completed. I would definitely recommend his services.

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Thanks a lot for the great review! We're very happy that you love your new HanStone quartz counters!


I had hardwood floors installed by Laszlo's guys in three bedrooms (appoximately 550 sqft) over one and a half days. Although the work was good, they left my home in a huge mess. Instead of cutting the hardwood outside or containing the mess to just one bedroom, I came home to a main floor and kitchen that was covered in dust and not vacuumed by the workers! When I confronted Laszlo about this he replied that it would take three days to complete the work if his workers had to cut outside, and that dust is to be expected. Although I understand this, why was the cutting not contained to one bedroom and doors closed so that it would not spread to the whole main floor?? When I tried to deduct $150 for the cost that a cleaner would charge me to clean, he responded that $15o is too much and that it would only cost $40 an hour (where can you get a cleaner to clean post renovation work for less than $100?). Overall an experience that started out wonderfully turned out very sour, which is a huge disappointment because the rest of the process was seamless. In the end, I cancelled an appointment that I had booked to have Laszlo complete work for a family member's home.

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As a team we really appreciate you taking the time to send your valuable comments about our work.
It is rewarding for us to know that you found our workmanship in best quality.
I am therefore sorry to hear that you were not expected any fine dust after a renovation project, unfortunately the fine dust is traveling through air, shouldn’t be expected a move in condition after all. Cutting outside is an option if the weather is favorable, in your situation were snowing and cold.
Yes, we performed all the cutting in one bedroom upstairs, during the cutting process the vacuum were connected to the saw as well, after we finished the installation we removed all the debris, we vacuumed all new flooring area, but I apologize we didn’t cleaned the fine dust from the old floor area on ground level only room (family) and kitchen(on an empty house).
Although as my reverence I paid you back 100$ to have a professional cleaner to do so. Please contact me if that amount were not enough to cover the expense of cleaning the fine dust in one room and kitchen area (without furniture) approximate 300 Sq Ft, I am willing to pay you the difference.
Best Regards,