Would give negative stars if possible. Bottom line: waste of $250 and added headache to a stressful situation. Like others, Heather promised big things and fell extremely short. This was a move out clean and we discussed appliances specifically beforehand. She also told us to provide a mop for the floors. The day of, she denied discussing the appliances and left many things untouched that had previously been discussed. The mop was left new and unopened, and the floor was not even vacuumed let alone mopped. One of the toilets was not cleaned, and none of the cupboards were wiped out. Not only did the service suck, so did her attitude. She refused to leave the key or receipt until full payment had been received, which normally would be fine, but a deposit and the remaining amount owing had already been sent by e-transfer. She essentially accused us of not following through on payment when in reality, she had not followed through on any of her promises. Waste of money. Waste of time. Now I will be going back to finish her job in a rush before possession by the new owners. Thanks a lot. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY.

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Company Response

I realize this person has spent a lot of time writing poor reviews through as many venues as possible and I have tried my best to explain why their floors did not get washed
it's unfortunate, but as you can see, I am not the only company they have complained of about as indicated by their continuous comment " like OTHERS heather promised big things and fell short.
I hope this mom/daughter can move forward with a happy and positive view on the world. Again had communication been clearer and had we moved forward with meeting before and after, had clarity on payment et al this situation would not exist and perhaps would have not resulted in the horrible name calling and vehement texts they felt they needed to send. a simple request to stop by and offer 20 minutes to wash
their living room floor would have been met with obvious positive response. I base my reputation on being accountable and offering quality service
I do NOT however respond to hate mail. I really do wish them peace