services from dale a year ago in 2017 . and today a year later oct 19/2018 i get a call from gas safety board, dale melchert is a fraudster and shut off my fireplace, saying it had a gas leak and carbon monoxide leak, and said bill would be 1200.00 im a single female, this was again in 2017 and i wrote a review to better business bureau back when this happened in 2017. dale are you that childish, that a year later you do not like a bad review and so you call the gas board, and they said if everything was wrong with it that you claimed, it would not work at all, that you were being dishonest, and wow you kept my phone number and gave it out a year later, sorry but i ask permission to give out someone's private number. people dale is not trustworthy, and use caution, as well he makes up fake reviews to make himself look so good, ( that saying you hear car mechanics ripping off females as we know nothing they say, well not in this case i did not fall for it, and had a real technician come out and turn it back on and said my dog and i are completey safe, today oct 18th i called dale and he hung up on me, wow great business practice. and FYI i turned my cozy fireplace on this morning......................... thanks for reading my review and hope it helps people.

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Company Response

It is really too bad Jean does not realize the unsafe situation she is in. We were called out to her home and discovered the previous company had disconnected a safety feature called a mercury flame sensor. This eliminates any possibility of the unit experiencing delayed ignition, also know as an explosion. Because this part has not been available for over 10 years this meant the unit needed to be brought up to today's safety standards. Jean did not want to do the repair because it was very expensive. Not a problem, we collected our call out fee and left. We noticed this year that Jean had posted all over the internet about her experience and had someone come in and relight the unit without doing any repairs. We were now obligated to report this matter to the Gas Safety Authority. She is now very unhappy and phoned us being very hostile. As a company our goal is to make sure our clients are safe. If repairs are required you don't have to use us, but please get the repairs done by someone qualified.