I had bad luck with my brand new tankless gas water heater. It keeps sending error messages and needs to be reset again and again. Sometimes I had to reset three times for my kids to take a shower. Anyway, the previous technician came in and removed everything, but he said it might take quite a few days to replace the machine. Taking into consideration that I can't live without hot water, especially when you have kids at school who has PE almost everyday, he recommended me to contact Gandy. I called them this Tuesday, but I was told that the service had been fully booked until November. After explaining my struggling situation, Matt(I hope I didn't spell his name wrong) arranged for a technician coming on the same day for consulting and another technician coming Wednesday morning for installation. So I ended up by only one night without hot water. It's greatly appreciated that Gandy responded so quickly and all of their technicians are very friendly. Thank you so much, Gandy! I would definitely recommend this company. Thanks again.

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Company Response

Hi Wei, thanks so much for writing this review! I am glad to hear we were able to get your hot water restored so quickly! Have a fantastic day!