Updating my review below that I left about 2 months ago (mid October) about Ostaco Windows. We were previously quite frustrated trying to get repair work done to a set of exterior windows. But I am happy to say that Ostaco followed through and took care of our issue. I was actually contacted directly by their General Manager, Marco Greco, who acted with great integrity and customer care. He personally came to our house to inspect the windows. He kept us informed with updates. And most importantly, he followed through... sending an experienced, knowledgeable and respectful service technician, who completed the repairs in about an hour. At the same time, Marco acknowledged where the company fell short, but assured us that our experience was not their standard, and his priority was to "make things right". And he did. Ostaco is a small, family-run business, and he clearly cares deeply for their reputation and product. I have left portions of my original review below, but have chosen to temper it in light of the turnaround in service we received. _____________ Been reading the reviews posted for Ostaco Windows and their not-so-great service when it comes to warranty repairs. So I felt compelled to add our story. The seals on our exterior large panel windows at the back of our house have been failing. The company sent a technician to inspect the damage, and they say the issue is with the sidelites due to exposure to the sun and not having an overhang. Ostaco are covering the cost of the materials and we have to pay for labour, estimated to be $350. Dealing with Ostaco's Service Manager has been an exercise in patience and frustration. Email communication back & forth has been difficult. It's been a challenge to get an hourly breakdown of the $350, a formal estimate in writing or a contract for the repair work. Regardless of how we ask, we continue to hit a wall getting answers. I should add that we opened our claim with Ostaco beginning of July. It's now mid October with no resolution or repair date in sight.

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