I ordered my windows more than six months ago. I was given an eight week timeline. About three weeks ago they finally called to schedule installation, but when they showed up thet only had half of my windows. It turns out that someone at their warehouse broke the other half. Of course no one thought to tell me this. Now it's mid October, the Green Ontario rebate deadline is looming, and there is no sign of the rest of my windows. The company has not even sent me the paperwork for the windows that have been installed, as I requested, so that I could at least get part of my rebate. As it stands, it looks like I will miss out on a $4500 rebate. Through all of this, the company had refused to take any responsibility, had demonstrated extremely poor communication, and has offered me no compensation. They talk a good game about customer service, but that's as far as it goes. Choose a different company!

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