C Star did our roofing job on the house in summer of 2017 - all new shingles with limited lifetime warranty, vents, gutters, OUTSTANDING work. they brought a whole crew of six guys plus the owner himself, got here early, worked thru a drizzly day, did an excellent job of removing old shingles directly into their trailer dumpster, had a compressor and power nailers. They work smart. No sooner do 2 guys rip up the old shingles, 2 more guys are right behind laying down wrap and banging down the new shingles so almost none of your roof is exposed at any one time. And the boss is right behind on the roof with them, inspecting their nailing and their work. They worked really fast, and did such a good job of cleanup you would never know they were here, including using a magnetic broom to pick up any nails that fell onto the ground. Job was fully completed in 9 hours including a 2 hr rain delay. and ten year warranty on their labor. The boss cut 2 new vents in the roof, one over the house and one over the garage and installed the caps. We had a lot of gawking neighbors watching the work who couldn't believe how fast this crew was working, everybody knew exactly what they were doing. Because the roof had been leaking from all the heavy rain and thunderstorms we had for weeks , they prioritized our job and got it done within six days of signing the contract. It has been over a year and a half now and the roof is still like new, no lifted shingles, gutters working great. And early this spring we had a 100 KM+ windstorm and the shingles held. MOST satisfied !

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Company Response

Hi, John.
I am very happy have your trust.
I will keep Handle my guys.
Anything keep our best ways to help anyone.
Happy New Year.
C star roofing.


Outstanding work. after doing our due diligence on different gas contractors, we chose Frank to install a new gas line into the kitchen for a new gas range shortly after we bought our 50 year old bungalow 2 years ago. He did a great job on it, hooked up our gas range and made sure everything was up to code including a range hood that vents outside. Recently, within the last month, we hired Frank again this time to replace an old, unsafe freestanding gas fireplace in the basement with a brand new one he recommended (Continental, made by Wolf Steel the same people who make Napoleon, and made in Canada which we really liked). We love it, and are very happy both with the product and with the careful work he did installing it. He was very thorough, made sure everything was right, even found a loose connection on the gas line outside the house which he tightened up. Did a great job of cleanup removing the old fireplace and all packaging material. Before leaving, he inspected everything again and made sure all features were working correctly including blower and remote control thermostat with automatic on/off. The quote he gave us was very fair and we are most pleased with his work. Highly recommended !!!

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