I recently purchased a regular-sized washer and dryer set from Barcelona's Geary Avenue outlet. The salesperson was forthright, if not exactly forthcoming, and assured me when I paid for delivery that installation would include all necessary parts. Barcelona deals in used, reconditioned appliances, so I was prepared to take my chances with the machines (Maytags). However, the delivery left much to be desired. First of all, the crew was over four hours late. I'd taken a half-day off work to meet them for the 3-5 p.m. delivery window; they did not arrive until 8, finishing at 9 p.m. A six-hour wait for a one-hour delivery. They removed the old W&D, and moved the new ones in, leaving briskly after assuring me the machines were installed. Well, the dryer was plugged in, but not connected to the hot air conduit. I had to replace the dryer air hose to complete the installation. The washer was hooked up with new hoses, but upon examination they leaked--a drip with the dryer off, a spray with it on. I had to discard the cheap hoses Barcelona's guys used, and replace the washer hoses with better quality ones from Home Depot--which do not leak. So, it was a couple of days after delivery before I could finally run the washer and dryer to make sure they work as promised. So far they work fine. But for anyone considering Barcelona, don't expect too much from their cut-rate delivery.

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Robert Landry visited to inspect and photograph my roof; he then provided an estimate for work after clearly discussing my options with me. After a wait of several weeks in the job que, I was notified of the work date. The crew under Jimmy arrived on time and did a great job. When I returned home from work my house had a new roof and my yard was clean. Jimmy emailed me step-by-step pictures of the job, including pictures of any repairs made. I am happy with the work and customer service, and strongly recommend The Cutting Edge Roofing.

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Thank you for taking the time to write our company such a kind review. We really appreciate it...Robert Landry