Davis fuels was bought by McDougall Fuels last year. Service plummeted. They forgot to come fill up my propane tank (we were on automatic fill ups) and we ran out of propane. We called them to come and they filled the tank from empty at the beginning of the month, almost a $2000 bill. Then a few weeks later in the same month they came and topped it to full again. As the bill came in the mail around the 30th, I saw they had charged me for both fills that month and that the due date would be the 5th or so of the following month. At the bottom of the bill it simply stated late payments would be charged interest of 1.5%. Given the bill totalled nearly 2500, we figured we would take the 1.5% hit and break payments into two chunks. As the next month ended we ran out of propane again and called to ask why they had forgotten to fill the tank again. They stated our account was overdue and they would not come until it was paid up. (Not only had I already made both payments so we were up to date, they just couldn’t see it on their end yet, they also made no mention on the bill of late payments causing them to not come and deliver). After explaining we had already paid them fully, they looked deeper in their system and said, oh wait, we see it here and came and to give us more propane. We requested to be moved from automatic fill ups to fill on demand to prevent this from occurring again. We finished out the winter on this system without further incident. Come this fall, I called to request fill up and they stated that our account had been moved to COD, I can only assume due to payment issues last year. So now they refuse to come unless they receive payment first. This fuel is not cheap and we go through near $6000 of propane per year. The whole situation was handled with incompetence and now we are the ones who have to pay for it. As we rent house we dont have the option to switch suppliers. If you do have that choice, I recommend you stay far away from this company.

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