Pro: reasonable up front cost, low monitoring cost, equipment comparable to other systems other than the keypad which is from the 1980s Cons: when alarm is triggered it is barely audible and have to buy a separate speaker for almost 100 to hear it, keypad is extremely outdated it’s a monochrome display slow to react and loses connection with the main unit which means it doesn’t always disarm, call centre is outsourced not owned by think protection and staff there are extremely rude, app for unit is so badly designed and does not integrate with camera even though it has the icon to do so - which means you have to run two apps on phone to run system, camera app called StreamView is garbage but camera picture is clear, motion sensor on camera is way to sensitive even at lowest setting and gets triggered by wind. Camera usually doesn’t start recording until Person you were trying to capture left the scene, batteries in camera do not last long about three months.

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