We are so glad we ended up choosing Call Jamie to fix a couple of holes in our ceiling drywall. Pam made it easy to book a date, and kept us posted as to when Jamie would arrive and how long each part of the job would take. Jamie did amazing work with the drywall, which required replacing areas and then re-blending the ceiling stipple/paint. Both areas he worked on look really good, and are completely unnoticeable to anyone who doesn't know that work was done there. He was also extremely reliable (coming and going at the times he planned), and clean (completely sectioned off areas of the house while painting, and cleaned up after each day of work). He provided an excellent finished product at a reasonable price. We highly recommend Call Jamie Painting & Drywall to anyone who needs drywall work done.

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Thanks for your business. You folks were great to deal with. I look forward to your next project!
Jamie and Pam


A very poor experience with Gillespie from the perspectives of workmanship and customer service. We hired them to re-caulk our shower, which had been leaking. After being quoted for a job that they said would take a few hours, Ryan (the owner) came and went, removing old caulking and applying new stuff in under 40 minutes. Once dry, an inspection of the work showed some gaps, which we requested be fixed. Upon returning, Ryan was quite rude, asking "you called us back for THIS?". Again rushed, he quickly patched the gap inside the shower, and stated that the other areas with gaps or excessive application (in his words) "didn't matter" because "you can't have it look good and not leak". Of course, it is perfectly possible for a skilled worker to apply caulking evenly, in a way which is functional and not an eyesore. To top it all off, Gillespie quoted us on a job which would (and probably should) take a few hours, and of course charged the full quoted amount despite the fact that it was done in a rushed 40 minutes and was unsatisfactory. I would warn other prospective clients that in our experience this company has neither an interest nor the ability to provide high-quality work. A real let-down.

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