Zack is hard working and very patient with redoing our flat roof at front porch of house, he scrubbed exceed part of flat roof ( the black thing) carefully off the metal edge and cleaned everything nicely. Kas is nice he came by quickly to inspect the part that we weren't happy and came out with a solution. so as the guys who made the metal parts they are nice too and new metal edge looks good . The team who did our main roof shingles did a good job too. Thank you guys very much ! --after 16 days I put nice words above, our BRAND NEW ROOF which put in just before labor day , a part of it got rid off by the strong wind on Friday 21 Sep. I know it was huge wind yes, but this is a 13000+ NEW ROOF ! come on ! at least 3 whole chunks of shingle blow off , one chunk is 12 piece of shingles hanging on my garden gate I wanted to laugh one is 10 one is 6. I've got pics ! can you imagine if we are not home to find out, in this wind and this rain? ? I don't see neighbors's much older roof got blow off but ours??!!

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We do have a great team who work very hard for our customers. Thank you for your review.

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