I know that Brock has a pretty good reputation online and I've had their services recommended by contractors - however our experience has been less than stellar. We quoted out windows through 4 different services. Went in with eyes wide open that we were doing a replacement during the pandemic, that supply chain was impacted and that it could be delayed. I think we've been pretty patient. The elapsed time from purchase to installation was 5 months (April - August). I had 0 communication back from Brock on the timeline. Contacted our sales person multiple times as wanted to ensure that as we approached the July estimate date that we were available. We were given 8 hours notice, 2 months late. Installation team was great - hottest day of the year, super hard working. The planning though is where this fell apart: 1) We have an old house. They weren't expecting installation challenges despite having pre-inspected. We were told they'd address removal of existing trim of the windows and pick something suitable. 2) They didn't have enough of the selected trim for the doors. 3) It was incredibly hot - caulking is a challenge. The team was exhausted. They caulked over labels, and despite the time it took, it came out rushed. 4) The door wasn't what we ordered. Its missing a window. Brock isn't the cheapest quote. If you're picking them over the other quotes, you will likely pick them as we did because of : a) Professionalism - they plan, they pre-inspect, they have a good sales team and a service team. All of it costs extra. b) Experience - their teams are super experienced, they plan for super hot days and old houses. This has been a challenge. c) Warranty their work - make sure you're happy. They followed up within 48 hours of the installation. They took down my concerns. They had a plan to address everything. I've never heard from them again until they've followed up about paying for 90%. They'll allow me 10% holdback... but I'm guessing it could be a long time before I see the job complete. If you're evaluating, I would suggest that having a cheaper installation and hiring a contractor to do the cleanup, trim would be cheaper. Yes - I'm posting this in hopes that marketing will spur action on an organization that depends on it. Shouldn't be necessary.

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Company Response


We appreciate the time you've taken to express your concerns and detail your experience. We have sent your feedback through to our Customer Service team, as well as your assigned Project Coordinator.

It is incredibly important to our team that our clients receive prompt and thorough communication regarding their orders or any pending services. We would like to extend an apology for the delays you've encountered and any premature request for final payment.

It is our procedure to request 90% of any remaining balance be paid upon substantial completion, and the remaining 10% to be addressed once any services are rendered complete. We can understand your hesitation given your service date has not yet been communicated with you.

Our offices will be connecting with you today to discussed your feedback and provide a course of action for the remaining rectification work to take place.

Once again, we'd like to thank you for bringing this to our attention and apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.

Steavi Potter
Brock Doors & Windows Ltd.


We had a number of quotes for our roof - after being burned by a contractor in the past we were very cautious and skeptical of the quotes. Canadian was neither the highest or lowest but Jason took the time to explain the process, what they were going to do and was followed up by a courteous and professional team. The work was done in a day despite a rotted out flat roof that needed to be replaced entirely from the ground up. There were additional costs but we were informed through the process and all my questions were answered without being condescending or vague. We were very satisfied with the work done and are happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking.

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