Ziggy walked mid job. Was rude. Left without explanation. The office (on his website) doesn't exist. It is a UPS store. Fraud. Dont wast your money. We had to hire more trades to complete his unfinished work.

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Company Response

You are being unfair to us and make a false accusations.
We have been in the business or over 25 years. We perform over 20 Underpinnig jobs a year. Based on our reviews all the customers are satisfied except for the one that didn't pay. You were 1 month late with the payment
The contract states that we can walk out the job after few day if payment schedule not met. We stayed over one month with no payment going forward with the job and investing more money to your house.
You didn't pay we couldn't continue I am sure you would done the same so be fair and don't make false accusations.