They got in touch with me within the first hour after I submit my inquiry. Great customer service! The technician was very efficient, polite, professional and could explain in detail how this treatment will help us get rid of all the rodents, how does it work and when to expect the results. I would highly recommend them.

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Company Response

So happy to hear that you had a good experience & service. Randy is a dedicated Technician who takes pride in his work. Thank you for talking time to write him a review.


Awful service for such a reputable organization. My bad experience started with their website. First off, There is no option to sort by available trucks in your location on the map. I have to choose which truck I need, then see if it's available in the chosen city if not it will show me the availability on the other shops but only within the same city. In Toronto for ex. North York borders Markham and Scarborough. I had to manually tried all these cities for the availability of trucks. I spent good couple hours on this. Please look into your website navigation. For such company as U-Haul it is really poor website. Secondly, after I booked a truck in 3022 Novar Rd, Mississauga, ON, L5B1S4 but in the morning I got confirmation that my truck will be waiting for me at 2700 Royal Windsor Dr, Mississauga, ON, L5J1K7. I called the customer support service, spent on the phone another 30 minutes (!!) waiting for somebody to pick up the phone, meanwhile texted a representative in chat who told me that she cannot help me with my problem. After 30 minutes a woman finally picked up and said that at the location that I chose there is no 15' trucks that I want (even tho I needed 10' truck but they not available at all) and the website just chose the closest office with the available truck to that address I selected before. I have 2 questions - 1. Why your website does not have the LATEST information about the trucks availability and their location? 2. Why your WEBSITE chose a location FOR ME? This is ADDITIONAL 26 km that I HAD TO PAY for. When I spoke to a customer service, the woman couldn't even help me to find another location with 10' truck! So useless!!! Why do you even have this customer service??? Anyways, I didnt have other choice but went to that location at Royal Windsor Dr. The representative was very positive and helpful. But... Thirdly, he told me that the truck I need was taken. How? Is there any connection between the website and your field offices at all??? Why is this happening to me at all and AGAIN? This is well established US company.. So frustrating! Anyways, the respresentative said that he has one larger truck left (20' truck) but I will need to return it same night as it was booked for the next day. This truck is also 20$ more expensive that the one I needed. He explained me everything about the truck and about gas payment. When i was done moving, on my way back I stopped at a gas station to fill in the gas. It was 2 blocks away from the office. Left the truck, everything seemed to be fine. Lastly, just now received a receipt where I was charged additional 30$ for gas. Its a joke! I made sure the gas was at the same level as when I received the truck. 2 blocks could not make that big of a difference on gas. The whole situation is super frustrating. I spent extra 70$ and 3 hours more than planned. I guess I'm lucky I'm not poor.. I hope this feedback will help people to make their decision on whether to use the company and what to expect from them. Be ready to pay extra and spend more time with this company.

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