Chris was recommended to us by our relator. He was able to complete the home inspection within a couple days after we contacted him. We feel like he did a very thorough job and we were very happy with his report, which included photos and detailed descriptions of each item included in his inspection. I especially liked how he included a rating system in his report to give you an idea of which items would require fixing immediately and which ones could be repaired eventually. He has also been very open to follow up questions if needed. Thanks for your help Chris!

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Company Response

Hi Meagan, Thanks for hiring Haystack Home Inspections and leaving such a nice review. I want to talk briefly about a subject you touched on in your first sentence, realtor recommended inspectors. This is a touchy subject for many people in the real estate and inspection community because of the possibility of conflict of interest. Will the inspector have your best interests at heart or the interests of the referring agent? Frankly it comes down to do you trust your real estate agent. If you do not trust your agents recommendations maybe you should not be working with them to begin with. Experienced realtors have worked in conjunction with numerous inspectors and often make suggestions because of the good or bad experiences of their past clients. Be aware agents should always be passing along a number of inspectors, normally three or more. I would also suggest that you do a little research of your own on the inspectors they recommend and maybe a few more for good measure. Pick the inspector you feel comfortable with, in the end you will likely be living with your decision for quite some time. Thanks again for your thoughts and bringing an important subject to light. Sincerely, Chris Thompson