I purchased a home and the air handler wasn’t working so I called Aire Service due to their ratings. We had them come out 3 times and they told us it was the board. We ordered a board that was $650.00 they put it on and it still didn’t work so they told us it was the motor on the AC. I asked them to remove the board that I would call another company. As it turns out it was only the transformer and my unit was still under warranty. It only took the other company 15 minutes to figure out the problem but it took Aire Service 2 visits and they still didn’t resolve the issue. I am not one to usually post reviews but this really upset me because if I hadn’t called another company I never would have known it was still under warranty and would have paid over $1,000.00. It was the other company that told me about it still being under warranty as they took the time to investigate.

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Company Response

Our apologies for our error on the diagnosis of your Lifebreath air conditioning system. I have put a request in to our supplier, who we sourced the board from, to re-verify warranty. There was never a charge to you for the board, however; I see on your file a charge for the original diagnostic fee which we would be more than happy to refund to you. Since you paid in cash, I will send you a reimbursement cheque in the mail. Once I receive an answer from our supplier I will contact you by phone regarding the warranty findings. Again, our apologies and we hope that you continue to be satisfied with the other two cooling issues that we repaired at your home on your alternate system.