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they came cleaned the chimminie and fire place very informative, very clean did not leave i bit of ash very well done. they inspected the chimminie afterwards, video taped it, toke photos, explained to me the flute and the rest of the chimminie how it worked and what kind of damage we where looking at, cracks, needs grouting, and other things he suggested they cover it up with a tarp so the wet spots would dry which meant the whole chimminie is out of commission as it is not safe which is good to know so for an extra $200.00 the tarped it, which I would get refunded if I accepted there quote, which I did when the young lady called for my visa number, I asked her to call in the spring to set up the time and date for the repairs, I also mentioned to her that I was also looking at having to inserts inserted to our fire place wood efficient burning inserts more eco friendly and will save on the furnace, I AM STILL WAITING TO HEAR FROM THEM. And their tarp is still wrapped around my smoke stack. he did clean very well after him self when they cleaned it and they did not fall when tarping it it has held the wind and rain so far. I give them a 1 for effort. May 26, 2014 Yes, i would like to apologize to the home pros team, first of all for not updating my review promptly. Yes, I agree that they did have a lack of follow up and communication, and I believe they are working hard to resolve this and have placed procedures in place so this minor incident does not occur. Now about their work and workmanship, I say it's first class and I would use them again. They were very professional, organized, and completed the work in a very timely fashion. They cleaned up and picked up very well after themselves and left all nice and tidy. He told me if there were any issues to call. It had not rained for several days, when it did my gutter was not flowing properly. I called the Home Pros and the very next day he came by had a look and corrected it, I would say they live up to their word and guarantee. The owner is a man of his word, and that is the best guarantee that we look for. Ten stars in my books and I would recommend them even to my grandmother for any work she needs as I know she would be treated well.

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Company Response

It has recently come to our attention that there is an unfortunate review by one of our valued customers that was listed on the HomeStars website in October of 2011. We regret to say that we were completely unaware of this review until just a few weeks ago almost 2 1/2 years later in May of 2014 when it was brought to our attention by another valued customer.
Based on the review given by Mr. Lledo we can clearly see that he is very happy with the first phase scope of the service and work supplied by The Home Pros which he clearly articulated in his review and for this we would like to thank Mr. Lledo and his family very much for the phase 1 scope of work as well as the favorable content reflecting the service and work in the review. NOTE: Phase 1 scope of work was performed and completed in the winter - February of 2011
Most unfortunately Mr. Lledo's second phase of work was not understood as a go ahead by The Home Pros office staff rather it was understood that Mr. Lledo was going to contact the office when he would like to continue.
Most regretablly this breakdown in communication created frustration for our valued customer Mr. Lledo which is unacceptable to us as a company and had we had known this sooner we would have responded to and proceeded with his job weather permitting months earlier.
Fortunately for us at The Home Pros Mr. Lledo did not entirely give up on us and we do not blame him for writing a controversial review as we believe that he believed we were to call him however to our credit before the new winter set in Mr. Lledo did contact us (November 2011) and gave us the green light to get phase 2 done before the Christmas fireplace using season really set in.
We of course responded immediately and had phase 2 of the work required started and completed within a 3 week time frame and were paid in full - our thanks to the Lledo family.
The Home Pros team would like to express our deepest apologizes for the miscommunication to the Lledo family and as a positive learning strategy we have implemented a new system in our computers that automatically updates projects awaiting start or continuation

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on time clean, informative, did a good job, cleaned up after himself. did a wonderful job on the carpets toke out the stains and then he talked me in to scotch guarding it which I was Leary at first but no I recommend it now too every one as our cat and the hairballs do not leave a trace listen to your profesional . I am happy and it was a fair price.

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