I am in the United States and ordered double hung fiberglass windows from Fibertec. The windows are defective and I am not only getting water into the house but also water is getting into the sash frames. This is happening to a lot of the windows, not just a few and possibly most. I have a very large house with over 50 windows. Fibertec warranty and service are terrible. I have offered to pay plane fare and expenses for someone to come out and offer solutions. They will not send anyone. I finally found an independent window expert locally who is trying to help me. He says the windows do not have weep holes in the sash frames which is a terrible design. Fibertec claims this is their design. There is also a vertical and horizontal frame and the joints are not sealed. I am getting water in my walls inside the house. It has taken me months to figure out these issues. At first I assumed it was the flashing and/or install. Independent expert took my window apart with siding guy and everything was done correctly. We sealed outside seam for one window and that seemed to work so I think the windows are not joined properly from factory. Also, two seal failures so far. I am not making any of this up--I don't know how this company is in business. Now I have to figure out how to sue them from the US. I have around 70 windows--my house is very large.

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