We have had a very frustrating experience with Luke and his business, North Shore Hardscapes - which remains unresolved. We contracted Luke in the fall of 2017, and initially his crew did good work, including removing concrete from our pool area and putting in paving stones, new pool coping and tiling, and constructing a brand new fence. The work was unfinished when the weather changed, so we all agreed he’d return and finish up in the spring. At that time, Luke also quoted us for some additional work in the spring, but when spring came around, he dodged our calls, ignored our text/email messages, and didn’t show up when he finally said he would. And when he finally replied (after many weeks of silence), he asked us to re-send him the quote HE had given us for the new work back in the fall,. We did, and when he saw his OWN QUOTE, he responded with a simple, “are you joking?” and we never heard from him again. We’ve followed up with dozens of voice mail messages and texts asking him to clarity, trying to resolve, but Luke continues to ignore us. We’re now stuck with an unfinished wooden fence, a ‘safety’ gate that’s been improperly and ineptly installed, incomplete tile & coping grouting, and most frustratingly, an improperly “winterized” pool, which ended up costing us an additional $2,000 in repairs this spring, on top of everything else. Luke promised us many times that we would be super happy with the work, and that he’d guarantee it for five years. Now he won’t even return messages to address the unfinished work or explain what happened and why he abandoned the project. He’s caused us a great deal of frustration, energy, time and money and we are EXTREMELY disappointed by the way he has conducted himself. We’ve waited and waited, giving him so many chances to do the right thing, not quite believing that he would actually bail on us in the end. We even gave him a heads-up that we felt compelled to leave this review, hoping he would care enough to finally explain himself and NOTHING.

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