We had Desi's install our vinyl siding 8 years ago and were very pleased with their work....until we discovered that the siding was fading unevenly, certain strips faded and turned chalky white while the others were fine. It started about Year 5, by this year we could not ignore any longer. We contacted Desi's (we have a 10-year warranty) who told us to contact the manufacturer directly. We thought it would have been good customer service for them to do this for us, but nonetheless we obliged. The manufacturer said we need to cut 2 pieces of siding, one faded, one not, and send to them -- they said to contact Desi's. Gord at Desi's refused to send someone over to do that for us, saying they no longer dealt with that manufacturer so we were on our own. But, we protested, YOU chose the manufacturer, not us. We chose YOU, and YOU gave us the warranty. Nope, they were not going to help us at all. Very disappointing.

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