Keith provided a most misleading response to my original review below. Firstly, to say that Keith 'did 25 individual job........ 'over a long term' Totaling $48,000.00. is not true. Rather, Keith was hired for one job which was to complete cabinets throughout the house. This took a matter of months due to Keith's work schedule and because I was flexible and easy to work with. Keith provided an estimate of no more than $40,000 at the outset in black and white. However, after Marshall left for a time in early 2019, the in-fighting on site set in between him and his son. His son frequently decided not to show up for work and with Keith being at other jobs which disadvantaged me both in terms of time and money resulted in unexpected delays and I suspect the unexpected 20% hike in the cost of the work at the end of the project. As the number of e-mails and official correspondence to and from Keith confirm, Keith was aware of my concerns about shoddy workmanship after Marshall left and Keith's son started to work. The job was completely finished - apart from the 'snagging' and repairing damage to my walls and TV - and it was, at that point, Keith asked for another approximate $8,000 and it became clear that Keith had begun to charge $100 per hour for himself and $35 for his son who he acknowledge was unskilled and unhelpful to him. Again, all of this is recorded in e-mails to and from and official correspondence. Keith suggested I pay him $4,000 and that would be 'good enough'. I did so with the promise from Keith that he would return to repair the problems and the house damage apart from the TV replacement which I had done in the meantime. As the e-mail records and official correspondence confirms, there was no 'stop work' since the project was finished. Hence it is petty and small minded to state that Edmonton Custom Closets 'decided not to work' with me since that was a moot point. In our final conversation, I told Keith it all left a bad taste in my mouth and I made it clear that I would not commission any further work from Edmonton Custom Closets. Moreover, it must be clear there was no outstanding balance since Keith was the one to suggest 'splitting the difference' and stated he was happy with that. Finally, I learned a very hard lesson and I am entitled to share my experience. It is too late for me. However, others may benefit by first asking for a 'contract' to ensure that there is no 20% hike at the end of the job. Not least since Keith's choregraphed and factually incorrect response to my unfavourable review signifies further lack of integrity. A more business like response would have been to be restrain from manufacturing such propaganda. I truly hope my review helps both Edmonton Custom Closets and future clients to avoid the pitfalls that come without written contracts and true meeting of the minds. On a final note, there are a dozen pictures of my home that remains on Edmonton Custom Closets Website that I have asked on several occasions to be taken down because they are misleading and misrepresent the accomplishments. However, I have been ignored and they remain which once again summarizes the lack of integrity and also respect afforded to me, the client. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still hoping that Keith will return to fix damage done to the Living Room; Dining Area; Garage cupboards and storage that occurred during installation. A couple of the Garage doors also remain unfinished. Whereas other doors are now discolored after a very short time. Some other outstanding issues around the Living Room and Dining areas requires completion and filler is now required for chips and damage to some of the installed product itself and other things that include a brand-new Sony TV that became a casualty of the installation process, alongside damage to several house walls that require repair and repainting. Still waiting too for the pictures that have been used without my permission and added to the Edmonton Custom Closets Website for the specific reason that if one were able to take a closer look at the work in my Home, they would find the aforementioned chips; scratches and damages as some of these attached sample pictures make clear. All things considered, I recommend Edmonton Custom Closets for the Bedroom Walk in Closet which, evidently, is the basis for the business and what Keith should most likely stick to, especially if Marshall is not around to assist. In summary, everything started out well with Marshall and Keith. Unfortunately, things didn't end up so well with Keith’s Son Scott standing in for Marshall mid-way through the project. Many days were ‘hit and miss’ with difficulties between Father and Son that resulted in unwelcome stress and time delays that were invoiced, resulting in a shocking final tally somewhere in the region of $44,000. I was also very disappointed to discover at the end of the project that I was paying $100 per hour which was not declared up front and is most definitely not warranted either for the work itself (some of which Keith was learning along the way such as the Garage; Kitchen; Living Room and Dining Room installation) or as a result of the on-site personality clash and internal company difficulties. Since I was able to provide the contacts for Keith to access the already existing product used in my newly built Town House and also able to provide pictures of what was to be installed from my own research, it should never have turned out the way it did. Or indeed the final cost it did. Incidentally, there was some sort of possible 25% mark up which added costs of thousands of dollars. Had I known or had this been discussed, I would have just made the call to my own contacts. Such sharp business practice left a bad taste in my mouth. Opportunist at best and charlatan at worst one might say. I am - as yet - undecided. Some very hard lessons learned including advice and suggestions from others that I overpaid but was under delivered. Attached are some photos and a break down of costs. Final suggestions would be to have a written contract and some sort of guarantee for the work and workmanship.

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Company Response

We did 25 individual jobs for this client in her home, over a long term. Totaling $48,000.00

We did do our best to go above and beyond our usual scope in order to make sure she was satisfied with all our work; she was extremely happy until one day she decided she only wanted to pay $ 44,000.00. At this point I had no choice but to stop all work until it was agreed that the outstanding balance was to be paid. That agreement was not reached so therefore, Edmonton Custom Closets has decided no longer to work with this client.

To the reader, if there are any questions regarding this review, please do not hesitate to call us at (780) 278-1984. Or please read the 15 other Homestar reviews.

Keith and the Edmonton Custom Closets Team