In March of 2011 I had Ash Chimney Sweeps Inc. come out to our new "old house' to do a "wett" exam on my fire place and wood stove. When they arrived they did check and measured the fp then told me that the fire place really doesn't need to be wett approved because it was built with the house but it needed to be cleaned. They charged me for the cleaning $150 and then charged me for the exam on it $250. Next. They looked at the Stove in the basement and told me that it wouldn't pass a wett exam. I said I would probably move the stove to the studio next door where it was originally professionally installed. They told me if I got the stove moved over, they will come back and and approve it, and suggested that if I paid for it now, the original fee would stand $150. So I paid for the second Wett exam then and there. The stove needed an 8' section of pipe and the Ash rep said he would get me a quote on that when he got back to the shop. Total cost $621 dollars with taxes in. total time spent 1hour 20 minutes at my home Received: - 1 Fire place cleaning. -No wett cirtificate on fireplace -No wett certificate on Wood stove -No paperwork to show that that they actually did a Wett exam on the fireplace or wood stove of which they say thats what the charge is for - No Quote for stove pipe I've since purchased a pipe from another supplier. and installed the stove. Called Ash to come and complete the WETT exam on the woodstove. Because I accepted him on his word and he didn't express it on paper They now want to charge me another $250 dollars to do the wett exam that I already paid for. All I can say is be aware of what people say and get it in writing.

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