I've had my pavement done last summer with Best Link Paving. As the weather got warmer, I've noticed the pavement was warping. Cars parked on the pavement left tire marks and the pavement started lifting. I called the company last year and only after close to a month they showed up and patched it up. This patch job was done close to the end of the summer, when the weather was cooling. This summer, I'm having the exact same issue. I've called the company, sent them pictures and now it's been a week without anyone calling or coming by to assess the problem. I tried leaving a review on google, but it would not allow me. I'm guessing the company is restricting the public from leaving ratings, if that's possible. I wish I can upload pictures of my driveway. Completely unsatisfied, very unprofessional. This company should not be allowed to operate. _____________________________________________________ My response to the owner's reply to my review. I had to make an addition to my original review because there was no function to reply on the HomeStars website. First, the owner sent the repair crew only after three weeks, and NOT immediately when he received the complaint, like he makes it sound so. Also, the owner claims he received a call from me and made a promise to inspect the issue, which is a COMPLETELY FALSE STATEMENT. After a MONTH of sending the photos and leaving messages with his office, I still haven't received a response. They completely ignored my request to have someone visit for assess the damage. So ONLY THEN I put a bad review on Google as well as HomeStars. The owner stated I placed bad reviews everywhere after he made a promise to inspect the issue, which again is completely false. He only responded once I wrote the bad reviews because he was upset that I wrote the bad reviews. He texted me and I quote "Way you do this for me".. and that's not a typo. I still have his text message on my phone. I called to see who it was and it was the owner, threatening to SUE ME and told me to expect a letter. He then placed a call to his asphalt dealer representative to explain to me how pavements react in warm weathers and such. I invited him to see it for himself. Even HE SAID the tracks left on the pavement WASN'T NORMAL. To be fair to the gentleman, he also mentioned there could be many factors. The picture I've posted does not do justice. It's not a simple mark, the tire marks are dig in DEEP and the pavement has lifted, and this was left after a year since the pavement was laid. We originally had a single car driveway but we hired "Bestlink pavement" to extend it. At the time, their roller broke down. They put the pavement over a base without rolling the base. The original side of my driveway has no issues, probably because the base was already set. The funny thing is, we primarily use the original side. I filed a complaint with BBB and I noticed another similar complaint filed by another person, on the BBB website. Again, half of my driveway is new and the other half is the original. The owner and his crew DID NOT roll the original side at the base before laying the pavement. We only have problem on the new side and not the original side. What am I to conclude? I understand that on new pavements, even if it's been a couple of years, can leave minor track marks, but these are not minor marks. Also, even if the owners right and it's because of our careless driving, it took a month of calling and sending pictures and writing bad reviews to have them FINALLY contact me, and then he proceeded to threatened me with a lawsuit. I'm sure he has many satisfied customers when everything goes smoothly. A good company and a bad one can be distinguished by how they handle problematic situations. In this case, their roller broke down and instead of getting a new one to roll the base, they ignored it and laid the pavement over a loose base. Again, I'm not an expert in pavement and maybe the base has nothing to do with the problem, but it certainly makes me wonder. Also, there's only so much room to drive on that drive and you can only drive in so many ways. If what the owner is saying true and that this is a normal occurrence, why haven't I seen tracks of this severity anywhere? Also, for a business owner to threaten to sue over a bad review is childish.

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Company Response

Tire mark is easily left when the driver makes turn on the fresh driveway and hardly to be removed. Even for the two or three years old asphalt driveway , in really hot days like this July , it was easily to get tire marks if you make turn. We sent my team to repair when we received the complaints and the owner was happy . This year we received the calls from owner and we promised to have a inspection . The Ower sounds not happy with our response and put bad review everywhere.