The house we're going to buy is going to require a lot of work, which we're aware of. The amount of work we need to do is overwhelming and we've worried if the house is even worth the purchase... Queue home inspector Marco. He is easy going, explains everything in easy-to-understand terms, and really knows a lot! I've learned so much from the inspection about what we need to prioritize to fix immediately and what we can leave for later. Marco is very knowledgeable on so many aspects of the home. He was able to recognize our electrical issues and the sources of the issues, point out multiple sources of possible asbestos, brickwork improvements, wood rot, water erosion beneath a garage, insulation gaps (which we luckily had none), moisture & mold issues, roof ventilation, furnace and water heater health... I could go on! Marco is very thorough and even though there is so much wrong with our property, he made it manageable and not as bad as I thought. I have no more unknowns haunting me. I can fix what needs to be fixed immediately and go about slow improvement for the rest. Plus I have the added knowledge on a brief history of asbestos, roof engineering types, and double layer bricks vs. insulation--and it was all VERY interesting. Thank you so much Marco for the report & all the extra information you gave. It was a pleasure!

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Company Response

Thank you for the great review! We take pride in providing an informative service before and after the inspection. I thank you for trusting me and if I can be of further assistance don't hesitate to call. Thank you for choosing Distinct Home Inspections,
Marco Ramos