I hired Belfield Homes to complete the renovation of the two bathrooms in my condo. The company is run by a younger guy by the name of Marek, who is actually quite a skilled contractor. At first, I was really optimistic because he was keen to get a good review, and as such, worked quickly and efficiently with the rest of his team. Unfortunately, the story changed as the job went along. The first mishap was when he lost my keys (an honest mistake, I hope). Then there were the times that I was supposed to meet him to discuss parts of the job where he was 1 hr+ late (always due to bad traffic). By far the worst part was when he asked for me to pay the last installment of the cost before he had completed the work (our contract said 25% of the cost is supposed to stay outstanding until the job was completed). I paid him some of it, but refused to pay the remaining portion (less than 10%). He never did come to finish the job, and stopped answering text messages and phone calls. I assume that he did the math and the money outstanding was not worth the time to complete the job (I don’t think he had any intention to complete the job when he asked for me to pay the rest of the money). I had to have someone come in and complete the remaining touch-ups, install the remaining light, fix a shower ledge that he put in crooked etc. Marek and team are young and although skilled at their trade, unfortunately not a professional company. I would not recommend them, and quite the opposite would urge others to pay slightly more for a seasoned contractor who you will be sure can complete the job. -------------------------- As an update, Marek and team came back a few months later and fixed the issue. The bathroom now looks great and I am satisfied with the work.

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Thanks for the update Peter, sorry we could not deal with the issues before. We are happy to hear you are pleased though.