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Cory put in a new furnace hot-water tank and humidifier a few years back, We have now wanted to add a washroom and bedroom to our basement. After we called in a general contractor he looked at are furnace and told us it was not up to code, We called in ATCO gas and they came over right way to look at it. Atco told us he could shut it down along with are hot water. He also told us the furnace was 2 to 3 times to big for this house, I called in a new furnace company AFTER TRYING TO GET A HOLD of Cory's. They told me they would have to pull a new permit. But the best thing to do would replace the whole thing, Again I tried to get a hold of Cory's Plumbing and I found him now living in St Paul Alberta, He has changed his phone number 780 645 1275. And even when I sent him a message on his company facebook then he shut it down, I also did the same on his privet facebook Cory Robinson he would not respond, You would think someone who wants to run a company Would do the right thing and fix the job he has done, I would NEVER higher this guy again even to put in a out house,

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Thanks Mike for a job well done. My wife found a leak in the basement and started to remove all the drywall from the spot, What we found was a shock, The size of the crack was almost the whole length of the wall, She did call a few companies But settled on Crack Fix . There quote was close to everyone's but there professionalism is what won them the job. A few days later we removed/gutted the rest of the basement and found more cracks that where in needed of repair, He send his team back and we had them all fixed, I would recommend Mike to anyone who maybe looking for crack repair. It should also be noted that his works where very clean in the job they completed ,

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Thank you very much for the review and we are glad we could provide quality work up to your full expectations.