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We've commissioned Bouma Woodcraft to complete a number of residential cabinetry and furniture jobs over the last several years, and have found that Peter's level of skill, knowledge, and honesty have been exceptional. We are very pleased with Bouma Woodcraft services.

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A-Affordable Dave's Moving truck was hired to transfer furniture between residences in the city of Calgary. Dave's truck was in poor repair and leaked large volumes of steering fluid on 3 residential properties causing serious, irreparable damage. In addition, gallons of chemical was leaked onto city roads. When contacted by the writer of this review, Dave was dismissive about the damage his vehicle caused to private property. He has made no attempt to remediate or clean up the chemical spill caused by his vehicle. The City of Calgary will be issuing a warning to this business owner for contravention of city bylaws. In addition, the writer of this review will be pursuing a claim for damage in Alberta small claims court.

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