After having a horrible experience with driveway contractors last year we were dreading having another major house repair with our roof. But we did our research and Quality Roofing Services was one of 8 roofing companies I had narrowed my search to based on reviews, services provided and better business bureau research. From the initial contact the owner, Aryan, was quick to respond, quick to set up an appointment for an estimate and he was punctual. During the free estimate, he went up onto the roof, (something a few companies didn't even bother to do), took measurements and gave us a thorough quote of everything the job entailed. We needed our shingles and flat roof replaced on our semi-detached house and we weren't sure how many layers of flat roof we had concealed. We got 8 different estimates from the various companies we contacted ranging from $4000-$19,000. Quality Roofing came in mid-range, along with a few others. We decided to go with Quality Roofing because of the price , but mainly because Aryan provided a detailed quote, he didn't try to up sell, he wasn't pushy, he never asked about other quotes we got, or what other companies we contacted and then trash talked them (again, like some other companies did). Within less than 2 weeks the work was underway. Again, Aryan was punctual and him and his crew got to work right away. They took all the multiple flat roof layers off, replaced any damaged wood, put down proper layers along with insulation and installed an additional attic vent. They removed all the shingle layers as well and did a complete replacement, did all the caulking and flashing required, and added an extra eavestrough. As happy as we were with the look of the roof, we were thoroughly impressed with the clean up. The driveway and backyard look cleaner than it did before they started the job. You couldn't even tell they were there, and keep in mind they ended up removing 4 layers of old flat roof. We even had neighbours commenting on what a great job they did. The estimate was spot on with no "surprise fees". We couldn't be happier with the service we received and would not hesitate to recommend Quality Roofing to anyone needing roof repairs. Thanks Aryan and Quality Roofing, you guys did a great job.

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Thank you very much for your time to give us this wonderful review, it was an absolute pleasure working with you.


I would never tell someone not to hire a particular company, I’m no expert on concrete, but I know enough to know when a job is done right and when it isn’t. We hired Pro Concrete Solutions GTA, partly because of the glowing 10/10 reviews they received here on Homestars. I can assure you we did NOT get the 10/10 company that seems to be represented here. We got a company that was high on promises but low on delivery. The communication we got from Steve (the owner) during the project was terrible, as was his communication with his staff. One hand didn’t know what the other one was doing; instructions were not relayed properly resulting in errors mid project. During the project there were stretches of days where no one showed up to continue the work, and I’m not talking about rainy days where work couldn’t be done. I’m talking about clear sunny days mid project, no workers, no progress, and no information from the company. We had to chase them down and hassle them to find out when things would get done. We were promised demolition of an old existing driveway to be replaced with a new concrete driveway, shared with our neighbours. The old one was to be cut up to a large crack at the top of the drive, as concrete continues on to the backyard, which didn’t need to be replaced. The new shared driveway was to slope away from the houses so that rainwater would travel down the middle and away from the homes. We were also told we’d get new parging along the side of the house as the old one would get destroyed during the demolition phase. What we got was a driveway that wasn’t cut to the right section initially, leaving the large obvious crumbling crack as is. We noticed the error prior to the new concrete being poured, asked whether the crack would be fixed and were waved off with “yeah yeah yeah’s” only to find the portion still not cut after the new concrete was poured. They had to cut again, jack hammer and fill again the portion they missed. We also got a driveway that actually sloped INTO the house at some areas causing water to pool along certain sections of the house, most notably right by the basement window. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the work was so poorly done that a large puddle pools at the top of the driveway with every rainfall. It’s so large that it hasn’t rained in 5 days and there’s still enough water collected in the area that I can splash with my foot. We got parging that looks like it’s been done by a 5 year old playing with playdo, slapped on like an after thought, that’s cracking already I might add. The old parging job was done by the previous homeowners and was better than what was done by these “professionals”. We reached out to Steve on the day that we noticed all the water pooling, which was 2 days after the job was completed. He was quick to acknowledge that it was an unacceptable problem and promised that they’d come back and fix it. It’s been a month and I’m still waiting, with countless dates planned resulting in just as many no shows. The favourite excuse seems to be rain delays, but there have been more sunny days than not so I’m not buying that one anymore. Pro Concrete Solutions GTA were quick to post our driveway on this site when they were finishing up, so I’ve included what it really looks like, pooling water, no sloping in certain areas and sloppy work. I cannot recommend Pro Concrete Solutions GTA to anyone, but if you do decide to hire this company, just be aware that what we got was far from the 10/10 reviews that have been posted here. (And just a side note, all the previous reviews were done by people who just happened to join Homestars within days of each other)

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