Our house was built in the 1960’s and the walls were not insulated. Only recently, because we are older, we noticed that the walls are cold in the winter, conducting cold temperatures from the outside. Our options were to tear down walls and insulate from within or stucco on the outside. The interior insulation would be cost effective versus exterior stucco. After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages, stucco was the better option primarily we can still remain / live in the house. We went to HomeStars,, to connect with and filter out contractors that has the best fit. We met with and received pricing from owners / partners of several contractors. Aiad of Cosmopolitan Construction was very sincere, knowledgeable and humble. He was thorough and meticulous. Explained the steps of the process from start to finish and translated this verbatim onto a document, his contract. Supplied a formal document for review and edit. This process from research to final tender was two years. We wanted to ensure we had the right contractor for this job who also met our expectations. As an engineering technologist and a regular DIY, I am very particular with renovations. Seldom do I tender work unless it requires a licensed contractor. My expectations and standards are very high and Aiad definitely met them. The results are there as you will see in the photos. Payment terms, cleaning and disposing of garbage and start and stop times were clearly documented and understood by all parties. Late 2017, we tentatively agree to start in March / April of 2018. The winter was long and cold. Aiad was flexible in moving his work around to accommodate and postponed until the weather is warmer, May. He and his team / family of four were punctual and started precisely at 8:00 am every day. His original quote allotted for 10 working days, inclusive of Saturday. They had the floors covered and the scaffolding up on the first day; removed downspouts and existing siding, application of moisture barrier and commenced parching. The the 2.5” Quantum Select Styrofoam were up in no time. His team of four worked like a crew pit in an Indy 500 race. They were thorough, precise and efficient. 4.5 oz fibreglass mesh with 2 coats of base coat were finished in day 3. Trims and Sills were installed along with the keystone over the garage and flat moulding under the soffit along the perimeter of the house. By day 5, the entire house and I mean the entire house, all four walls, were finished. The four man team was separated with 2 on the upper scaffolding and 2 below working in harmony as they apply the finish coat from top to bottom along the four walls. This was a sight to see, all four men moving along the wall as they trowel the finish coat without stopping. When they were finished, clean up was exemplary and immaculate. All the scaffolding was dismantle and the floor coverings were removed and disposed. Aiad and his team had great weather during this week and completed the entire process in five working days including setup and tear down. Impressive! His caulking contractor came on Monday, as agreed, to complete the final touches. Neighbors were shocked to see the transformation and one commented “like moving into a new house”. The stone work on the lower split of the house was a contractor supplied by Aiad. The stone was done in late 2017 before the stucco. Aiad, your level of performance clearly shows the experience and wisdom you have in your line of work. If there is such a rating of 11 out of 10, you would be the first. I highly recommend Aiad and his team. They are the best in their field. Very Impressive!

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Company Response

We can hardly put into words how elated we were to read such a glowing review of our work! Thank you for going into depth on the EIFS stucco process we completed on your home's exterior walls, and speaking so highly of us! If we were to review you as a client, we surely would give you an 11 out of 10 as well!