I own a duplex and I was up for registration renewal. I require an electrical inspection every 5 years. By-law didn't tell me this, just sprung it on me last minute. I needed someone pretty quickly. Ian was kind and straight forward, punctual and diligent. I would recommend him to anyone who needs electrical repairs or recommendations. He worked quickly, cleanly and took the time to explain to me what he was doing, which was important to me as I would like to know how things work. 10/10

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February 28th update This whole thing keeps going. Gas company charged me a fee for not having the tag delivered after 2 calls to infiiniti that the gas man is coming. Gas company is saying they have not received a tag no one has called them. They record everytime anyone calls about a file. No one has ever called about my file. This company has been giving me the run around, no one calling me back Treating me as though I did something wrong and am being unreasonable. There are rebate issues that have not been filed. When I called to ask this time I was ushered off the phone by infiniti. At the end of the day, is the work done? Yes. Up to code? No, it was not done up to code according to the Gas company. Now that the job is done and there are 3 minor things to do they have completely dropped the ball. Send the tag. File for rebates. CALL ME BACK I'm very confused and just feel like they do not care. I feel bad for leaving such a negative review because the equipment works but I'm tired of dealing with this. You win gas company and infiniti. I will eat these unnecessary charges and stop thinking about this. Y'all are getting very justified zero star reviews. Jan 9th Update This whole saga started when Gas company showed up unannounced. They red tagged my furnace and hot water tank. Several quotes later I hired infiniti. JOb done. I'm happy. What about the tag? Inifiniti says they got it. They'll take care of it. 30 Days Later. Gas Company calls asking about the red tag. I call infiniti. They say they will take care of it. Yesterday. I get the automated call from Gas Company saying tag hasn't been rectified and someone is coming over today to shut off my gas. No worries. I'm all repaired. Gas Company guy is here right now and half of the work is not up to code. Fail safes installed on wrong pipes, no air intake. Exterior pipes are not installed up to gas code. They were gungho to drill holes in my wall, turns out they didn't drill enough holes in my walls as I needed an air in pipe as well. I have no covering for the pipes. I was told I would be given some sort of sheathing or sleeve as required by code. Gas Company guy stayed at my house for an hour repairing and gluing/breaking and reworking the PVC pipe they had installed but not glued. Gas company was a peach. First time ever. Ultimately I'm very disappointed in what i had hoped would be a situation done and dusted. Also, I was told to apply for a rebate during the sale portion but not told in order to register the rebate I needed to pay an upfront fee of $680, which, hey, it is what it is. but this was an unexpected cost for what was already an unexpected cost. Ultimately I feel neglected. I also called infiniti twice about the redtag thing and they assured me it was taken care of. Then gas man comes to clip me. Communication is everything and this guys, not so great at it. I wonder if they'll reach out now... I ----- I had an issue with my hot water tank and it resulted in me needing a new one as well as a furnace on very short notice. I orchestrated several quotes and Chris from Infiniti was very personable and understanding of my situation. After 4 more quotes I chose Infiniti because of their sales materials, scheduling availability and my talk with Chris. The 3 man install team were friendly and worked around my finished basement. Would highly recommend their services.

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