When we purchased in Kleinburg we did a thorough investigation of the builders in the area, especially for the quality of the home that we are looking for. Although the options for Kleinburg were limited to a handful of options we were comfortable in dealing with 3 potential builders. What pushed us over the edge to work with Crystal Glen Homes was the white glove service that we received throughout the purchasing process. My wife and I must have met them at least 5 times before we committed. I wanted to give some people insight beyond a standard grading and will show more in-depth analysis: Presentation process: 8/10 No sales office was available for this project as they only have a small amount of lots available, but they compensated by showing every last detail of the home from a drawings and material sample perspective. They also arranged a visit of a comparable home that was completed. Robert was helpful in making sure that we were comfortable in the quality of home that they build Negotiations: 8/10 The standards in the home exceeded my expectations so there were very little extras that we required. Saying that, the price reflected those standards and there was little room to move on the price. They helped out by offering our extras at a very reasonable rate. Customization: 10/10 We had a feeling that we were building a custom home. We had ideas that we thought that would blow the budget, but some of the changes had no additional costs and the others were a lot more cost effective then first thought. The true value was the insight that they provided in some of our ideas, they advised against an idea that would have made them more money but they said that down the road we may regret the change…3 months after moving in I realized what they meant…thank god. Building process: 10/10 I guess the previous comments on this site and other reviews were taken to heart. I never had to call back twice to get answers. The customer service was there for us throughout the whole process. The timing was for the most part on schedule and I was notified and explained to for any delays that did come up (2 minor delays in production….still closed on time) After closing: 9/10 I had one small issue with marble in the 2nd bedroom washroom, they came out to look at it immediately; but there contractor took 2 weeks to come out to replace it…which is a fair amount of time. The process of replacing it ended up damaging something else in the washroom, but they came out to fix that within 48 hours. I was glad that they were on top of it immediately. Overall I was really happy and appreciate the patience they had for me and my wife. My cousin is purchasing a home from them in King City and he has been happy with the process so far.

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