*Clera, this an attempt to get you to do something* I initially contacted Clera in late April 2021 with an interest in receiving a quote for 3 replacement windows on my home. While I had 3 other competitive quotes in hand, including one from a company we had previously used on two separate occasions, we chose to move forward with Clera, and provided a deposit on May 31, 2021. I was advised by the salesperson the window order would take, "about 8 weeks, maybe 10" to complete. It is now the middle of September and we still have no definitive date for completion and installation of the windows we ordered. What's additionally and arguably more concerning, is the number of inquiries (by email and phone) we have made through the salesperson that have simply been ignored, not responded to when promised or the responses are cryptic or the estimated timelines provided have been completely missed; I've even sent a request through the company's "request for service option" and have yet to receive a response. As a final option we offered to have our deposit returned and we would part ways - not surprisingly, ignored. COVID restrictions and the salesperson's excuses aside, let me be vividly clear – the appearance is that we've been misinformed throughout. At this point, the personal time and energy spent in attempting to secure an installation date is beyond ridiculous, should be considered no less than shameful for all involved at Clera and serve as a model for how not to provide customer service! Looking forward to wrapping this process up soon so we can move passed this company.

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Company Response

Dear Uniquenamehere,
Thank you very much for your feedback. Please contact our head office at 9057381870 and ask to speak to the management team. We definitely give you an answer about the timing on your order. We are unable to identify you by the name on the review. We are working with short staff due to various reasons for few weeks and that's why you didn't get the reply to your request in time. Due to the supply chain shortage and lack of skilled labor in our industry, our lead times have increased but our sales team or office should have notified you of the delays and set up the proper expectations. We sincerely apologize for the delays and looking forward to your call. Thank you - Clera Admin