These guys were awesome! We had a difficult move from a multi-level condo, and a storage unit on the outskirts of town to a house where we could not walk on the main floor due to a renovation. The guys worked hard, took very few short breaks and were happy and professional throughout the move. We had them moving heavy akward stuff through the garage, down to the basement and they handled it extremely well. The guy packing the truck did an exceptional job and treated the stuff like his own. Thanks so much. I would highly recommend these guys, without reservation!

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We had Conklin come in to do an estimate, and they seemed keen and professional with a "can do it" attitude. They said thet would work with our tight timelines and get the job done. We had them start while we still had posession of our condo (we worked out a 2+week overlap). We were hoping to have hardwood floors put in, a new wall to make separate walls for out kids and a few additional upgrades. The demo went fine, but it looked like it was going slow. We sat back and did not get involved. We visited the house every few days, and it soon became apparent that the work was not going to be done on schedule. Beyond this- the change orders (they wanted more money) started rolling in. The house was unliveable for our move in day, so everything had to be carried down to the lower level and the garage. We were assured the work would be completed by this stage. The floors had not been started at this point. We were told it was best not to be in the house while the floors were being done, so we ended up having to get a hotel for the next week. I am not going to rant, but I will say that after chasing them down to fix shoddy workmanship, and paying way more than the estimated cost, and having to stay in a hotel (which we never planned on), the floors look great... Oh yeah... They sub-contracted that out. If the rest of their operations communicated as well as their invoicing department, I would be a lot less disappointed!

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